The City Where We Once Lived

A novel about a city that's been abandoned, and the people who choose to live there. From Arcade Publishing, March 2018.

“Barnes's new novel is a rare and truly original work: a hard-edged fable, tender and unflinching, in which a man's descent and renewal is mirrored by his city. An eerie, beautifully written, and profoundly humane book.” - Emily St. John Mandel, author of STATION ELEVEN

"A stunningly-written tale of loss and grief. The stark beauty of Barnes' prose forms a riveting journey through devastation, but one that delivers a world where seeds of hope emerge in the unlikeliest of places." - Lindsay Moran, former CIA operative and author of BLOWING MY COVER

"Spare and elegant, this novel brings into breathing relief a frighteningly recognizable future. Eric Barnes shows us what it means to inhabit--a building, a city, a life. And also what it means to be inhabited--by memories, by ghosts, and maybe, just maybe, by hope." - Elise Blackwell, author of THE LOWER QUARTER

"A controlled burn of a book, full of horror and sadness and, once the fire dies down, the beauty of new growth. In the tradition of J.G. Ballard and Margaret Atwood, Eric Barnes gives us a dying neighborhood of outcasts who save the world that has cast them out. Just the book we need in these dystopian times." - John Feffer, author of SPLINTERLANDS

“With deft prose and a discerning voice, The City Where We Once Lived is a taut examination of the archetypes and rituals that form the landscape of community.” -  Courtney Miller Santo, author of THREE STORY HOUSE and THE ROOTS OF THE OLIVE TREE