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A Web Site, a Book Trailer, and 12 Days Till Publication

June 17th, 2009 Comments off - A book trailer - A book trailer

There’s a trailer now, a preview basically, of Shimmer. And it’s on a new Web site, although it’s basically just an address to host the trailer. I like the trailer very much. I could say it’s not like the book, not technically accurate, in a hundred ways. But it is absolutely like the book, absolutely accurate in how it feels and what is captured, in a hundred more. And so I like it very much. Ridiculously enough, I still struggle to explain, quickly, what the book is about. But now I’ll just send people to the trailer. Readings coming up: Chattanooga, Rock Point Books, June 18th, 7 pm. Memphis, Davis Kidd Booksellers, June 30, 6 pm. You are invited. Your friends are invited. Their friends and their family and everyone you’ve ever known are invited. Which sounds a little callous and self-interested. I hope not. Technically, the book is now being sold via Amazon. And I saw it in Bookstar a few miles from home. And I’m doing a reading on the 18th. But, in truth, the book is still not really out, released, published, hasn’t arrived in every bookstore that will sell it, for a few more weeks. So, to some extent, I’m still holding back. Still waiting. Just a few weeks more. Thanks for listening.
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Stories, Drafts & Shimmer: How I Write

May 4th, 2009 Comments off
Sometimes people ask how I write. They want to know about the logistics. Do I write with a plan? An outline? Do I know how the story or the novel will end? It’s usually a little disorienting when I say, “No. I don’t have a plan. I have some vague idea. Maybe a place. A person. And really, for me, it all depends on the first sentence.” And so because I’d been needing to do some sort of video blog post, here’s this post about how I write: Stories, Drafts & Shimmer.
Stories, Drafts and Shimmer

Stories, Drafts and Shimmer

Thanks. (If you have trouble with the version above, try the Windows Media Player version here or here on YouTube.)