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Circus Perfomers

November 20th, 2011 Comments off
New York is a city without children. Even when you do see them, it’s an oddity, like the circus is in town and the performers are being led up 6th Avenue from their train cars. I know there are lots of kids in the parks and in the schools. I’m thinking about the streets, which is where I seem to spend most of my time when I’m in New York. Walking up and down and across various streets. And there are just so few children. Maybe it’s notable to me most because my life right now is filled with children, these four kids we shuttle to and from school and sports and friends, feeding them and watering them and compelling them to bathe on a roughly regular schedule. I’m even more full of children than usual given that I’ve spent the last two years writing about the kids, meaning my thoughts and focus is consumed by their real lives and the lives I’ve been writing, all of which makes me wander the streets in New York wondering what my children would be like if they lived here. If I had not moved. If they also made there way onto the streets in limited appearances, briefly making their way from taxi to sidewalk to home.  
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