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Shimmer: Now In Easy-To-Open “Paperback” Edition

June 13th, 2010
The paperback of Shimmer comes out July 1. Word has it that the books are already at the warehouse. I’ll get a copy soon. There were a lot of years when it seemed like I would never get a book published at all. To have the book come out in hardcover, then in paperback a year later, is incredible, somewhat surreal and still surprising. There’s an updated trailer for the book at www.shimmerthebook.com, and the uncomfortably self-indulgent site about me, www.ericbarnes.net, has been updated too. I’m back on Twitter as well, and Facebook, and generally doing whatever I can to promote the paperback. Over the course of this month, for instance, selections of the first chapter are being Tweeted by @ShimmerTheBook. (www.twitter.com/shimmerthebook) In the end, though, there’s only so much I can do. I knew that before the hardcover, but especially so now. In the end, it’s about the publisher and the booksellers and the reviewers. I had great support from the publisher and bookstores last time, and the reviews were great too. I hope it’s the same this time. I haven’t put any updates up here in some time. Once marketing of the hardcover wound down in the fall, I needed to write. It’s hard to focus on promoting the book and write at the same time. At least it is for me. Through the fall and winter, I was able to work on edits of another manuscript, formerly called High of Sixty, Occasional Rain and now called Owned but still focused on a bankrupt bill collector living in Alaska. My agent is shopping it to publishers. It’s a painfully slow process. I have to block it out most days. And then I was finally able to start a new book in the winter. It’s about a couple and their four children. I’ve tentatively called it Perfection. It’s meant to be funny. Thanks for listening.
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