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Before the End – A short story with illustrations

January 2nd, 2010
My short story “Dreams Where I Can Fly” is out in Italy now in the magazine Internazionale. Which is strange enough to write, but seeing it was even more surprising. And wonderful, not least of which because of the illustrations that go with the story. I’m posting JPEG’s of the story and illustrations below. The illustrator is Guido Scarabottolo, whose Web site is here. The story is, roughly, the first chapter of my novel Shimmer. The illustrations could as easily go with the novel as they do the story. Internazionale appears to have changed the title to “Before the End.” At least that’s how Babelfish translates “Prima della fine.” I like that title. I may use it somewhere else. Thanks again to Keith Gessen for selecting the story for Internazionale.
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