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The Web site, and this Blog, are going live.

January 24th, 2009 Comments off
It is strange to do this, I have to say. Not a bad strange. Five months till the book comes out, six months since Unbridled said they wanted to publish it, and I’ve gotten more comfortable with focusing on the Shimmer and, to the extent it’s about the book, focusing on me. The strangeness is in getting closer to the book being published. I have always written to be read, which always meant, obviously, that there’d be focus on the book and on me. It just took longer than expected. I’ve written four books over 15 years, one of them essentially written twice. Four and a half books, you could say. But it’s been a private thing till now. Unintentionally. That’s just been the habit. The circumstance. If one person somewhere who I don’t know walks into a bookstore and buys Shimmer, reads it, enjoys it, this will all be so good. One thought on all this communication, like this blog, communication in a half aware and only partly connnected state, the Facebook, for instance, talking at people and with people and to myself and often just listening in, I’m realizing that it fits, unexpectedly but nicely, with the undoing of the privacy of writing these books. There’s an unfolding — a revealing — that I can set in motion, but that I don’t have to watch eye to eye. Which is helpful, I have to say. It in some ways reminds me of the ongoing battle of Christmas decorations with my neighbor, where we’ve spent a considerable amount of time in the last month moving each other’s increasingly decrepit post-holiday decorations from one yard and house to the other. It has played out as much through Facebook and email and text message as it has on the street on which we live. We live across the street from one another — in fact, we actually work just two blocks away from one another. But I take pictures of his house while he is at work then post them to Facebook and taunt him with said photos via email while, it turns out, he is actually on a business trip, which I realize only because he’s texted me from California or elsewhere. It all plays out over unexpected distances, on a timeframe only slightly in any one person’s control. Time and place are bent just barely, each person choosing when this will happen. Like pre-ordering a book, maybe. Making a purchase based on last week’s Facebook post before the book itself is even printed. What exactly should I make of that?
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First Post

January 12th, 2009 Comments off
This is my first post on the blog. Mostly a test.
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